Libitco(Prodetra) procurement company

Prodetra  again is accessible  in Iran but  this time in the name of LIBITCO, bigger and with more ranges of goods in the fields of Oil,  Gas and Petrochemical , water,  mining and heavy industries

This is our honor to inform that we are sole agent of Libitco in Iran to get your orders directly to us or to Libitco

  Prodetra name has been registered previously in the vendor lists of all Iranian oil, gas and petrochemical contractors and Libitco permitted to use this brand too because both companies are one and united companies

Now LIBITCO is ready to service for Russia , Iran , Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan companies to procure the goods in fields of oil, gas , petrochemical, water, mining and heavy industries

Below you can find   Libitco catalog and our agency letter included the ranges of goods that Libitco can procure for you but please inform us if you need other goods  too with other  famous brands

The lowest prices,  offers and inqueries is our the best advantage


Tel : 0098 915 813 7040     also for  Whatssap and Telegram
Fax : 0098 21 89779588
Email :
Website :

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